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Toothpastes For Adults

Brushing your teeth is a good daily habit for all. This doesn't only cleanse the teeth, but also kills oral bacteria, make teeth white, protect gums, strengthen roots, prevent bad breathe, control cavity and fight plague and tartar. It does all the work by removing the film of bacterial that grows on teeth. Zymo Cosmetics is a private label manufacturer and supplier of toothpastes for adults. We continuously do the production work for a number of brands in the toothpaste and cosmetics industry, like Zymo, Herbdent, Primrose, Ekkodent, Henez, and Claret. All these toothpaste are formulated with special ingredients, useful in polishing teeth, freshening breathe and removing stains. One must take a pea-sized dab of toothpaste on the brush, and bush inside, outside and between teeth. One can brush teeth in morning and night before sleeping.

Key Points:

1) Many of these toothpastes for adults, are developed under private label manufacturing basis.
2) Toothpaste is available in 20 g, 50 g, 80 g, 100 g, 200 g packs.
3) The entire range is FDA (Gujarat, India) approved.